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About Our Company

Biomedical Support Services

For more than ten years, Comprehensive Equipment Management Corporation (CEMC) has assisted healthcare systems and facilities nationwide in successfully streamlining operations and reducing costs allocated to their biomedical engineering departments.

We make sure our clients are provided with the latest tools and technologies in service and management of their biomedical equipment. Learn more about our equipment management software.

What We Believe

It's not just a business relationship — it's a partnership.

At CEMC, we do everything we can to ensure our clients succeed both operationally and financially. CEMC is a privately owned and operated corporation, and as a result, we have the flexibility to work with healthcare facilities in ways that other companies, pressured by shareholders, can't. This corporate structure allows facility management decisions to be made swiftly and decisively should atypical circumstances arise.

About Our People

Experienced Leadership

Our operational leaders have been involved with the administrative functions pertaining to this industry for the past twenty years.

The combination of real operational experience and willingness to evolve with the most advanced technologies is what makes our corporation so effective in developing and implementing viable, long-term equipment management solutions.

Certified Biomedical Technicians

Our technicians undergo continuous training and understand the importance of minimizing delays and reducing equipment downtime.

We believe that a hospital can only operate as effectively as its support services. That's why we ensure that every biomed department under our care, functions as efficiently and productively as possible.