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In-House Transition


In-House Transition

Helping You Make the Transition to In-House

In addition to offering full coverage, outsourced biomedical services, CEMC also helps healthcare facilities develop their own in-house equipment maintenance programs. We will design and implement an appropriate in-house biomedical department and provide the technical, administrative, and clerical support necessary for your department to be successful.

CEMC will also support your healthcare facility with the necessary policies and procedures, parts, vendors, training, and operational oversight. We not only provide the staffing and expertise to perform repairs and planned maintenance, but also the management tools needed to become and remain an effective, cost-efficient biomedical department. This program helps you take control of your service options — and minimize long-term maintenance expenses.

CEMC provides all the necessary resources to transition to an in-house managed maintenance program, including:

  • On-site transitional management personnel
  • Recruitment of all necessary staff
  • Technical equipment training for in-house staff
  • Administrative and operational resources and support
  • Web-based maintenance management software
  • Site specific policies and procedures
  • Service agreement analysis
  • Acquisition of tools and test equipment


Program Benefits

  • Significant Cost Reductions
  • National Program Support
  • Multi-Vendor Services
  • Complete Process Control
  • Online Service Data Access
  • Second Source Database
  • On-Site Technical Staff

Ongoing Staff Training

We encourage development of your in-house staff through ongoing technical equipment training to increase the range of equipment that can be serviced. This approach helps your healthcare facility build internal resources and achieve your long-term, strategic goals.