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Total Equipment Management


Total Equipment Management

Full Coverage, On-Site Clinical Engineering

In this program, CEMC does it all for you. CEMC will custom design a service program in which we assume single source responsibility for both delivering and managing service on all of your diagnostic imaging and biomedical equipment.

This flexible, turn-key program provides total control of your medical equipment maintenance program and relieves you of the burden of managing multi-vendor, multi-departmental equipment service in your healthcare facility. We provide qualified on-site technical staff and equipment management software for measuring performance.

This program generally includes:

  • All corrective and planned equipment maintenance
  • Single point of contact for all equipment service needs
  • Web-based maintenance management software
  • On-site clinical engineering staff dedicated to client facility
  • On-site manager to facilitate all day-to-day operations
  • On-site office coordinator to process invoices and clerical data
  • Training for all existing biomedical staff
  • Safety and asset acquisition reports

Program Benefits

  • 24/7 Service Coverage
  • Fixed Maintenance Budget
  • Full Regulatory Compliance
  • On-Site Technical Staff
  • National Program Support
  • Optimized Asset Utilization
  • Multi-Vendor Services
  • Service Accountability
  • Maintenance Software
  • Safety & QA Program
  • Improved Program Efficiency

Accountable Management

Our site manager provides active, direct management and accountability for all of your service delivery needs. This, in conjunction with continuous monitoring of key performance indicators and scheduled visits by corporate officials, ensures optimal program operation and staff performance.

Guaranteed Cost Savings

We'll structure a competitive, multi-year proposal that delivers guaranteed savings with no cost of living increases during the agreement term, with typical cost reductions of 10–20%.