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Comprehensive Benefits


Why You Should Choose CEMC

Equipment Management Delivered

Our goal is to make your life easier — by caring about all the things you care about, and handling them with the skill and precision our clients have come to expect. As experts in our field, we have the ability to optimize the management of your biomedical and clinical equipment, and pass the benefits directly on to you.

Improved Patient Care

Simply put, we truly care about people and the effect our company has on them. We provide the best service in equipment maintenance management, so you can provide the best service in patient care.

Quality and Accountability

We take pride in being a value added corporation. Throughout the term of a service agreement, our department is subject to internal service audits to make certain our staff is meeting and surpassing all expectations for your biomedical department.

Our Approach


Our service options are tailored to meet the needs of each hospital and healthcare facility we work with. We will evaluate the needs and goals you have for your biomedical engineering department and customize your maintenance program to fit those needs.


CEMC keeps you informed of how your assets have performed over time and how funds have been allocated within your biomedical department. This gives you the opportunity to make proactive decisions about your equipment maintenance and repair options.


Since we have no vested interest in any medical manufacturer, we offer our clients an objective view of the marketplace when making pre-purchase decisions. CEMC continuously seeks out the best available parts in the industry and is a true multi-vendor service.

Second Source

The Best Parts in the Industry

Second sourcing and the ability to manage your equipment on a per piece basis is an absolute that we deliver. Our second source database enables us to find the right parts and services at the best prices for our clients.

If you are an independent service organization and would like to be included in our database, please contact us for further information.